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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Each week I will be posting some “YOGA NUGGETS “-small tidbits of information- or YOGA MUSINGS – ideas and concepts to ponder- about Yoga and how it complements Life.

Breathe, Breathe in the Air….

Today was a picture perfect Maui Morning…the sun high and bright, the air a delicate warm with gentle to hardly any breezes..Finally, the wind has calmed. And so did our Spiritually Mindful Bodies as we BREATHED in the wonderful Ocean air…...Breathing is the foundation of life and so it is with Yoga. Using 3-part breathing gives one a fullness in the body as we fill the abdominal area like a balloon, then follow the breath as it flows up through the center of our body expanding the ribcage and then the lungs…The lungs inflate expanding the chest. On the exhale, the air flows out of the lungs with the sensation of a balloon deflating, ribs contract and the abdominal muscles compress into the lower back. This helps relieve low back tension as well. Continue this breathing pattern for several rounds keeping an equal inhale and exhale rhythm. Counting helps keep you focused on your breathing.Notice the difference with eyes opened and eyes closed.
Enjoy your breath….it is one of the most precious Gifts of Life.

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