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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is great to do before and after you run, jog, hike, walk, or sitting somewhere with time on your hands!
Toes are usually cramped in a shoe or sock. Here’s a wonderful way to give them some SPACE and make them feel good too…
1. Begin by massaging the bottom of one foot. Squeeze and bend the foot, move the toes, give the foot a good quick working over.
2. Then hold your big toe with the fingers of one hand, and the 2nd toe with the fingers of the other hand. Stretch the big toe forward and the 2nd toe backward, hold a few seconds, then reverse the stretch, hold a few seconds. I find it helpful to close the eyes when doing the stretching. You get a sense of where the toes are coming from and how far they want to go without forcing them.
3. Keeping the eyes closed for the rest of the stretching, move on to the 2nd and 3rd toes, stretch in opposite directions, hold for a few seconds and reverse the stretch, hold for a few seconds.
4. Continue the pattern with each toe.
5. When you reach the little toe, do a side separation between the little toe & 4th toe. Hold a few seconds. Then separate the 4th & 3rd, hold a few seconds. Eyes are still closed.
6. Repeat the separation till you reach the big toe.
7. Massage the foot again.
8. Stretch the leg out and notice the sensation in your foot and toes.

Now do the other foot and enjoy freer feeling toes………Aloha