Every Wednesday 8-9:15am Waipuilani Park, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

FREE Hatha Yoga Class....for Every body, age, yoga experience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Tube of Class Excerpts

This is really getting exciting...you can now view 2 short clips of the DVD Yoga for Every Body with Gylian. One clip is "Follow Your Breath" and the other video is "Balance Pose". Click on the video bar and Join in...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aloha from Maui

Welcome to my first ever blogsite. I finally forayed into this world of blogs and it is exciting. Two of my yoga students, Myia and Gerrit, aided me thru this birth canal and WHA LA...a blogsite is born... Now to nourish it as it takes its first step.....I invite you all to be part of its growing process....

This photo was taken March 2009, one of my FREE Hatha Yoga Classes outside on the luscious green lawn of Waipuilani Park in Kihei on Maui, Hawaii. 12 people attended. A dream come true...here I am living on Maui, on the ocean, and teaching Yoga with magnificent vistas surrounding us. This in itself is PEACE and HAPPINESS.

Now it is one year later...the class has grown to an average of 24-32 students weekly. Through advertising in the Maui Bulletin, Maui Weekly, Maui Times, Maui News, Condos, and word of mouth, residents and tourists alike show up, slowly, it is on Maui time, as if they were arising from the grass and out of the trees.

Embraced by nature’s beauty... wide rolling expanse of ocean, soft green mountains and pearly blue sky... people of varying levels of yoga experience, ages, flexibility and every body type come to partake in my Integral Hatha Yoga Class to find their own level of Yoga. Classes focus on your breathing rhythms as you gently stretch into and out of a variety of poses and postures, revitalizing and toning the entire system creating a sense of flexibility, well-being, peace and much much more.

Classes are held EVERY Wednesday, 8-9:15am at this same spot and are still FREE.

In December, one of my students, Bev, visiting from Canada strongly encouraged me to do a DVD of the class so she could take Yoga on Maui home to cold Canada with her. With the help of my partner Kimo, dear friends Marco, Brian and Lauraine, and the students, a video is in the making as I write this blog. Within a few weeks, my first “Yoga for Every Body” DVD will be available for sale. Another technological wonder enters my life..... What a gift this has been and continues on....I feel so blessed by it all.....