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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Wake Up the Whole Body

When doing poses we may notice that one side of our body is more flexible or stronger or more balanced. Usually it is the side we use the most in daily life. This is known as your Dominant Side. For example: Right handed people tend to do everything with their right hand-write, lift things, etc. For left handed people, it is your left side usually that has been developed. We want to wake up the non-dominant side which enhances our brain power as well. I was first introduced to this Dominant/Non-dominant concept and exercise by Dr. Jean Houston.

Start by taking a step forward with your non-dominant foot and see how it feels! It may feel weird or uncoordinated. Now stand with feet parallel, raise both arms out in front of you. Turn your wrists side to side and then “play piano” with your fingers of both hands at the same time, moving your fingers from thumb to pinky and pinky back to thumb. What do you notice between the dominant and non-dominant hands? Arms down and move only your non-dominant side: hands, arms, shoulders, feet, legs, hips, in varying motions and directions, all at the same time. Do this for several minutes. The longer the better. This will stimulate nerve impulses in your brain, waking up those that have been sleeping on the non-dominant side. When you stop the movements, stand still with your eyes closed and again, what do you notice? Keeping your eyes closed raise your arms repeat the wrist and finger exercise from above. What do you notice? Spend the next week, doing small things, like opening a door, or brushing your teeth with your non-dominate hand , and start walking with you non-dominant foot. Doing this on a daily basis for a few minutes, can enhance and open up your thoughts and perceptions expanding them in new and different ways. Here’s to feeling whole…..and awake….Enjoy…

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yoga Pizza

Did you ever notice how many Pizza Places there are? With the same basic ingredients, pizza can look and taste different from place to place. The same with Yoga. Today, there are Yoga studios and teachers everywhere. The basic Yoga ingredients taught with different styles and personalities- one yoga studio may have 5 Yoga teachers, and each one puts their individual spin and postures in their classes- from calm and meditative to strenuous and fast paced and everything in between. If you are still looking for that “Perfect Yoga Pizza”, get a taste of something new you haven’t tried yet. Not every Yoga style suits everyone; however, everyone can usually find the style or combination of styles that feels good to them. Everyone enjoys a good pizza. Enjoy your Yoga.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Perfection in Modification…

Maui continues its morning magic with 18 students appearing to find their own level of yoga perfection. I guide students into a posture or pose with a basic show of that pose : how the arms or legs or spine are placed and aligned. However, it is important to offer modified positions for students who aren’t capable of reaching the pose fully. The aim is not to be in a perfect pose. It is to find the perfection that is in you as you move into the pose still receiving its benefits without strain or discomfort.
For example, in the balance or tree pose, we usually see the person with the inner sole of one foot pressed against the inner thigh of the standing leg. When I instruct the balance pose, I modify it with options for those not able to bend their knee, or who have difficulty with balance. My classes are outside on a lawn without any props or walls to lean on, therefore it helps to modify the pose in ways that allow students to begin finding their body’s balancing point.
With a visual focus on a fixed point in front of you, or on the ground, I ask the students to laser into that spot as if it is the only thing in the world. Bring their attention and energy to that spot and stay focused on it throughout the pose. Then walk forward on one leg, feeling it become a solid pillar supporting them. The other leg is free to enhance the balance of the standing leg which can be done in a variety of positions: (1) keep the big toe of the free leg lightly touching the ground. This is excellent for those with extremely poor balance. It is a security blanket and as they gain confidence in their balance they lift the toe a little each time. (2) wrap the free leg around the ankle of the standing leg. (3) move the free leg up the standing leg to find your balance place WITHIN YOU. The standing leg has a relaxed knee in all these positions to also ease any strain on the low back.
Some arm positions: (1)arms next to body;(2) arms stretched out shoulder height (3) arms straight up, palms together fingers pointed to the sky; (4) one arm arched overhead the other curved below the abdomen, creating a circle, then rotate the direction of the circle moving the other arm overhead and the other below.
When the body wants to go in other directions, lean into the inside of the standing foot and LASER BEAM into your FOCUS SPOT, bring the arms down closer to your sides instead of flailing them . The body begins to calm down the longer you focus on the spot. Like in life, we have many distractions throwing us off balance. When we stay focused, the balance returns.

Please go to the side bar and Click on the VIDEO CLIP from my DVD instructing the BALANCE AND FOCUS pose....Have a great Yoga day…..