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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Reflections on Inner Landscapes...

Today was another Maui postcard day…30 students spread their towels on the lush plush green lawn. The extremely low tide due to full moon exposed the lava and fishponds close to shore. The air was calm, quiet and gentle matching out bodymindspirits. Inhaling our surroundings, our eyes closed, we gently breathed into our own inner landscape filled with mountains, oceans, sky, sun, the beauty of nature again matching our surroundings. Breathing and stretching from within, we begin to sense an unlimited expansiveness. Eyes closed takes away distractions and physical markers that we think we need our body to reach. Instead, seeing within allows the body to seek and find its own natural level of a comfortable stretch effortlessly.

Enjoy the journey inside and out…..


  1. A Maui postcard day, is there any other kind? There is something unbelievably beautiful about recognizing ones inner landscape, the expansiveness that we can find inside ourselves, I found free yoga in a park here in Boulder, but it's just not the same without you and Kimo, you both are gifts to this world.


  2. I miss those beautiful Maui days and doing yoga with you! ... the bump is growing nicely and baby is moving lots... probably doing little downward dogs and cat stretches already :)

  3. Shaloha Shea...thanx..you are always welcome to come back and play with us as your family and your friends. hugs Gylian

  4. Aloha Cathy.....wow,that baby has great flexibility especially in the fetal curl!..It will be great to do Yoga with all three of you the next time you visit Maui. Have you found a Yoga class for pregnancy yet? Enjoy this journey of life growing inside you. How special. keep smiling...Gylian