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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


From Head to Toe

Eyes and Feet are in constant motion and it is important to give them TLC and exercise like the rest of our body.

Eyes: Sitting in a comfortable meditative pose, crossed legged or on your heels, Open your eyes looking up at 12 on an imaginary clock. Use your index finger as a guide to trace the numbers on the clock, stretching without straining. Keep the head still and breathe as you move clockwise in smooth transitions from one number to the next. 3 rounds. Close the eyes for a few seconds. Open and move counterclockwise in smooth transitions for 3 rounds. Reminder: notice how the eyes respond going in different directions. Keep breathing.

If you have time you can break the eye exercises down: Start with 10 sets for each
1. Move the eyes verticially from 12-6 & 6-12 for a few rounds
2. Move the eyes horizontally from 3-9 & 9-3
3. Move the eyes diagonal - from upper right to lower lift and back up to right
4. Move the eyes in an arc from 9-3 passing through 12; and back to 9 passing through 12
5. Move the eyes in an arc from 9-3 passing through 6; and back to 9 passing through 6

After any of the above exercises, keep the eyes closed and rub the palms together to create heat. Then cup the warm palms over the closed eyes. The heat will soothe the eyes. Here’s looking at ya….
Feet will follow next week…..

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